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Dehydrated Skin Symptoms

Learn about skin hydration: why does it matter?. Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Bodycare for different types of skin, by Garnier.

Keeping your skin hydrated matters... probably way more than you think! 

Don't fall prey to the idea that skin hydration is just a nice thing to work for on the side... it can affect how you feel all day every day! Make hydrating your skin a priority in your body routine, to make you look and feel better all year round. 

The effects of dehydrated skin

Having dehydrated skin will not only make your skin appear worse, but you'll feel worse, too. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body, so when it's unhealthy, so are you! Make sure to keep your skin hydrated all year round, especially during the typically drier winter months. 

Wintertime and bodycare 
While achieving hydrated skin in the humid months can feel like a battle, avoiding dry skin in the wintertime can feel like all-out war. But the secret is diligence! During the winter, it's even more important to moisturise every single day by using proper techniques like applying your hydrating bodycare products on warm, damp and exfoliated skin. 

Hydrate your skin thoroughly
If you think that hydrating your skin can only be achieved with topical products, think again! There are lots of amazing foods for hydrated skin that will significantly help your skin stay moist and healthy such as whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, and most importantly, lots and lots of water. Check out these amazingly hydrating products from Garnier bodycare to help you on your path to hydration today.