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The Ultimate Question: Should I Go Blonde?

Sitting there wondering ‘should I go blonde’? Click here to find out the reasons why you really should and how to maintain good blonde hair care after.

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Let’s quickly talk about ‘Holly Blondes’ 

Everyone's favourite daytime talk show host, Holly Willoughby – sorry Philip, we're a little biased – is the face of Nutrisse Pearly Blonde, four subtle, multi-tonal shades specifically developed to create the most beautiful shimmering blondes you ever did see. As Holly says, "Finding your perfect blonde can be difficult and it takes time." It does indeed. In fact, some women spend many years experimenting and never quite find perfection, so these new lighter home dye shades could be exactly what you've been waiting for.

3 reasons you should try blonde hair

Just looking at Holly Willoughby’s stunningly beautiful hair is probably enough to convince you to go golden blonde, but if you need more reasons to stop that nagging question, ‘should I go blonde?’, here you go...

  1. It's more attractive
  2. Okay, calm down you brunettes, gingers and red heads. All hair is wonderful. We love all colours, but you can't argue with the fact that blondes – of both sexes – do attract attention. Why is that? Well, it's probably down to physics and biological responses. Lighter hair reflects more light and human eyes are drawn to brightness sometimes. Blondes are more dazzling. Simple. There is a theory that our fascination with blonde hair is programmed deep inside us because a long time ago, long before hair dye became as familiar as breakfast cereal and hydrogen peroxide started appearing in bathroom cabinets, people with bright blonde hair were few and far between. They still are scarce in some parts of the world; it's thought that only 2% of adults globally have naturally light blonde hair. Rarity always has a value. Gold is a precious commodity. Whether blondes really do have more fun is more contentious. Even Charles Darwin couldn't prove his theory that blonde hair is sexually selected, so we wouldn't like to speculate and we're definitely not saying you need to be blonde to be attractive to others. We're simply pointing out that having a novel hair colour gets attention. Look, we don't make the rules!
  3. It's uplifting
  4. A lot of people find that changing their hair colour acts as a confidence and energy booster, giving an uplifting sense of being 'born again'. No colour achieves this quite like the shock to the system that is blonde. Vibrant, vivacious and lively, going ‘Holly blonde’ is one way to inject some fun into your life. However, other colours are available, and dyeing hair isn't the answer to all of life's woes, obviously.
  5. It's a statement
  6. You could go bright bubble-gum pink, of course, but when you want to stand out from the crowd, light blonde works wonders. Clothes and make-up can give you that X-factor to a certain extent, but bright, shiny golden hair generally does the trick. When Holly went a couple of shades lighter recently, the paparazzi almost blew the national grid.

    Good Blonde Hair Care

    You wouldn't dream of skipping your skin beauty routine and, if you have some fresh, new blonde hair, the same applies to your crowning glory. Here are 5 steps for solid blonde hair care:

    1. Moisturise
    2. Blonde hair tends to suffer from dryness and needs daily moisturising. Use a leave-in treatment that leaves hair fortified from root to tip, try our Honey Strength Restoring hair treatment, simply apply once or twice a week after your normal hair conditioner.
    3. Wash, but not too often
    4. Even the most gentle shampoos and conditioners strip some of the protective natural oils from your hair. If you can resist washing daily, it will help your hair retain its fresh colour and avoid damage caused by dehydration. You could try a conditioning dry shampoo every other day, to absorb grease without removing the natural oils. Try out Green Tea Detox shampoo, your hair will feel cleansed, refreshed and full of life.
    5. Use a weekly hair mask
    6. Garnier also offers aspecialist hair mask for coloured blonde hair. You could also leave your conditioner in for an extra 10 minutes before rinsing off. Your hair will feel even silkier!
    7. Have a monthly trim
    8. This may sound like an extravagance, but if you want to keep your blonde hair looking healthy and shiny, there's no substitute for a regular trim to keep it in shape.
    9. Protect from heat
    10. Coloured blonde hair is particularly prone to heat damage from hair dryers, curling tongs and straighteners. Try and lay off the styling tools as much as possible and use a heat protection styling spray before you start. The colour will stay vibrant for longer too. We even have our own. Brassy ‘ain’t classy’ The last thing you want when you've gone a gorgeous Holly blonde is for those glamorous golden locks to turn a bit brassy a few weeks later. Follow this advice to banish the brass and restore formerly fabulous locks.
    11. Power to the purple
    12. Hair dye consists of red, yellow and blue pigments. The smaller blue particles leave the hair cuticle first, which is why dyed blonde starts to look a bit orange. Violet or purple pigments compensate, so use purple shampoo a few times a week along with your regular products to help nourish and hydrate your hair.
    13. Filter your water
    14. A good shower filter can work wonders by keeping out chlorine and iron deposits that can deplete or discolour those precious golden pigments. Some filters even replace those everyday pollutants with healthy, pH-balanced ions, so your blonde hair feels even softer.
    15. Tasteful Toning
    16. Adding specialist toners will harmonise hair colour and make sure your blonde stays beautiful for longer. They're usually ammonia-free, so perfectly safe to use between colourings.

    That's it for blonde hair care. Good luck with your Garnier home dye experience. We can't promise you'll dazzle the ‘paps’ like Holly, but we're pretty confident you won't regret going blonde. So, when you ask yourself ‘should I go Blonde’? Why not?