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Is Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare Good For My Skin?

Learn about the best organic anti-aging ingredients that actually work to reduce wrinkles in Garnier's Organic range.

Whether your skin care purpose is anti-ageing, regenerating or boosting your skin’s vitality and healthy glow and whether it is good for your skin depend on the ingredients. Let’s look at some of the reasons to choose organic anti-ageing skin care.

Pure, organic ingredients

For any skin care product, you need to find one that suits your skin type, but there’s one thing that your skin will always be grateful for, and that’s nourishment. The oils contained in include olive, jojoba, sunflower, camelina and argan oil and have been carefully combined with organic lavandin essential oil in a formula that helps nourish all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Essential oils that are good for your skin

Organic products, such as those in the new Garnier Organic skincare range, often contain essential oils that are great for your skin.

Organic lavandin essential oil

Loved for centuries for its delicious fragrance, the plant used in the and Eye Care creams. is the Lavandula Hybrida variety, grown organically in France. The composition of essential oils is complex, but some of the main components of our lavandin are linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor and cineol.

Organic argan oil

Adding to the properties of lavandin, there is also argan oil in the formula for our . Organic argan oil is particularly rich in nutrient lipids and fatty acids, such as linoleic and oleic acid. As a product of organic farming and renewable plant sources that comes from producers who are guaranteed a fair deal, the organic anti-aging skin care formula is not only good for your skin; it’s good for the environment and the people living in it.