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How to Get Perfect Red Hair Colour with Garnier

Have you ever wondered if you could become a gorgeous ‘redhead’? Wonder no more, just follow Garnier’s tips on how to get perfect red hair every time.

Interested in knowing what your favourite shade will look like on you? Don’t forget to use our Virtual Try-On feature to see what shade best suits you. Find out more on our Virtual Try-On homepage at the end of this article, or by clicking on one of our products with the 'Try It On' icon.

Make sure the colour you try on works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz to be certain.

Become a drop dead gorgeous ‘redhead’

Becoming a ‘redhead’ has never been easier; From copper tones to red hair hues have never been so in demand.

The rise of the red seems inexorable; icons of ‘auburn-ity’, such as Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) from the Poldark, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) from Game of Thrones and mega stars like Adele and Emma Stone of La La Land, are grabbing more column inches than ever before.

It’s the same for men too; Eddie Redmayne (it’s even his name for goodness sake!) and Damian Lewis are two of the biggest box office stars.

One thing is for sure, red is not dead; it’s very much alive.  

So, ‘Who wants to be red?’ is less the question than ‘How red can I go?’ Thankfully, using home hair colour kits, such as those from, most of us can go a deeply enviable shade of red without fear.

5 top red hair colour ideas tips

Before you start channelling your inner Lucille Ball or Rupert Grint, you might want to take note of these top tips:

1. Lighten up

Changing colours is not like clicking your fingers. Think about how to get red hair realistically. It’s best to think of it like painting a picture or decorating a room. If you add a bold, bright colour to a dark background, it won’t appear as bold or as bright as it would on a light background. So, if your hair is already light, changing your hair colour to bold red shouldn't be too difficult, whereas for those with darker hair, the first step is to pre-lighten before you apply some red dye. Try our Olia Bleach with no ammonia to make lightening your hair even easier!

2. Go for quality

Use a Garnier hair dye that holds colour better, for longer. Not all hair colour is made the same and there are some that skimp on the pigments and protective nutrients that help keep your hair in beautiful, silky soft condition. Don’t forget to look for products that are ammonia-free too. Click here to discover why ammonia-based dyes are less than ideal for the long-term condition of your hair.

3. Keep it even

When applying any hair dye at home make sure you separate your hair into equal layers to keep the dye even. If you're going for a drastic change, you don't want uneven patches. So, have lots of clips handy to keep your hair in position when applying the dye and maybe a friend to pass you the clips. Why not make it a party and invite everyone round to witness your stunning transformation?

4. Start strong

If you want to make a bold statement, the best thing to do is to start strong; is a deep, vivid red hair colour that is perfect for those going red for the first time. Start with this and it will be easy to touch up and experiment with different shades of red later.

5. Give it time

Going red is a process that may take a few weeks to complete; red dye fades quicker than other shades (see tips below for keeping the dye longer), so it may take you a few attempts to get it right. If the colour isn't perfect at first, give it a few weeks and after several washes you will see a difference.

And 5 ways to stop your red fading

You have made a bold choice; we like your style and your attitude. You’ve also, hopefully, checked out our Virtual Try On tool to find the best shade of red for your skin (with all hair home colour, choosing a shade that suits your skin is vital). Make sure the colour you try on works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz to be certain. 

 With these red hair colour ideas and tips, you can really start enjoying the beautiful at home colour results and begin experimenting with your makeup and wardrobe. Exciting times, aren’t they? But you won’t want the fun to end, so maybe now is the time to spare a thought for protecting your eye-catching colour and keeping that lovely red shade from fading away.

Here’s what you should do to stop your hair colour fading:

  1. More care, less heat; the molecules of red hair dye are especially small and they seep out of your hair faster than others. If you want to be a bold red for longer, it's essential to keep your hair in good condition. And that means going easy on those electrical styling tools. Too much heat is bad for any hair, especially dyed hair. Use heated tools as little as possible and keep your hair trimmed. Regular visits to your stylist will work wonders. Try our with rice cream and oat milk to protect your hair from heat styling.
  2. Wash your hair as infrequently as you can. Ideally, no more than twice a week – you can always use a dry shampoo between washes. In fact, the shampoo you use is critical; delay the inevitable colour fade. Try to avoid dandruff targeted shampoos that are particularly harsh on your scalp and keep the water as cool as you can bear; hot water increases the rate of fading dramatically.
  3. Get into gloss; a gloss application will make your hair look shiny, healthy and help your new colour last longer. It goes on like a conditioner in the shower and you leave it in until your next shampoo – easy!
  4. Protect your hair from UV rays; you know what sunlight does to fabrics, so imagine the damage it can do to your hair colour. It's just as important to protect your hair from damaging rays as it is for your skin. Use a styling product that contains UV protection filters and cover up with a hat.
  5. Beware the pool; chlorine is a big problem for red hair. Highly chlorinated pools should be avoided altogether – if you can, stick to swimming in fresh or sea water. Or, grab yourself a cocktail and Instagram a picture of the infinity pool