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How to care for dry, curly hair

Garnier explains how to intensely nourish dry, curly hair. Forget frizz and restore your hangry dry curls!

How to care for dry, curly hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you may already know that it can be particularly prone to dryness, but what can you do about it? If you’re looking for ways to restore your hangry dry curls, you’re in the right place. Just keep reading to find out more about dry, curly hair and explore our curly hair products.

Why does curly hair get dry?

The answer to this question is simpler than you might expect. Essentially, the ‘S’ shape of the hair strand makes it more difficult for the sebum produced naturally by the scalp to travel down the hair shift and keep the strands nourished and hydrated, leading to dryness. Dry hair can be more prone to snapping and breaking, due to its reduced elasticity, so let’s have a look at some of the best products to add moisture back into your strands…


Products for dry, curly hair

Fortunately, if you’re trying to nourish dry, curly hair, there are some products that you can try. Our Hair Food Cocoa Butter range, including shampoo and conditioner for dry, curly hair, restores curls and nourishes your hair. So, why not shake up your haircare routine with our curly hair products today?

Shampoo for dry, curly hair

When it comes to shampooing your dry, curly hair, why not use our Curl Restoring Shampoo? Its formula contains 96% natural origin ingredients, is 96% biodegradable*, vegan** and contains no silicones for a natural feel. Additionally, the plastic bottle is made from recycled plastic*** and is recyclable.

Our shampoo for dry, curly hair offers a high level of care for your dry, curly hair, and contains not only cocoa butter but oleate glyceryl too. This hydrating formula, enriched with guar gum, ensures softness and provides smooth texture.

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Conditioners for dry, curly hair

Once you’ve used our shampoo, it’s time for conditioner, and our Curl Restoring Conditioner is ideal. It’sIts formula contains 97% natural origin ingredients, is 99% biodegradable*, vegan** and contains no silicones for a natural feel. Additionally, the plastic bottle is made from recycled plastic*** and recyclable. Plus, it’s boosted with plant-based ingredients like coconut derivative and sunflower oil.

Hair mask for dry, curly hair

Then, there’s our Curl Restoring Hair Mask, it’s formula contains 97% natural origin ingredients, is 99% biodegradable*, vegan**, contains no silicones for a natural feel and also which is vegan* and boasts recyclable packaging. This hair mask conditions your mane and intensely nourishes your hair. You can use our mask in three different ways – pre-shampoo, conditioner, or mask – making it a great addition to your routine and it contains both cocoa and shea butter.

It has a rich and creamy texture and contains sunflower oil and fatty esters helps your hair look nourished and feel soft. You might want to use it on dry hair before you shampoo for up to 10 minutes to ease detangling or use it as a deep conditioner on wet hair for three minutes to detangle your curls and restore your hair. Alternatively, you can simply use it as a conventional mask, applying it to wet hair for three to five minutes and rinsing thoroughly for bouncy curls that are nourished and restored to their former glories.

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Dry hair isn’t fun – you don’t need us to tell you that – but there are other ways to look after your hair too.

Before washing your hair, you could give yourself a pre-shampoo treatment by massaging our hair mask into your hair, or sleep on a satin pillowcase. They’re often a better choice than their cotton counterparts, which can cause dryness and frizz by sucking moisture from your hair. Or, you could try drying your hair with a microfibre towel – or even a t-shirt – so that you don’t produce as much friction against your hair shaft and cause frizz.

No matter what you’ve tried to look after your dry hair, don’t forget to explore our Hair Food Cocoa Butter range to restore your hangry dry curls!

*As per OECD 301 or equivalent tests
**Vegan formula: No animal-derived ingredients or by-products
*** Our cap is not made from recycled plastic yet