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How to blend grey hair with dark brown hair

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How to blend grey hair with dark brown hair

Whether you decided to dye your hair grey but now want to blend it with brown hair, or you’re naturally grey, you might be wondering how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair at home. There are a couple of ways to blend grey hair with brown hair, depending on whether the grey is natural or not. We’ll go through them all right here, so you can find the option that works best for you.

You might decide that grey highlights are the way to go, or perhaps you’d rather grab the brown dye, or bleach your hair and then add a grey dye. No matter what you’re thinking, you can find out more about the different options, right here – here’s how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair. It’s not as complicated as you might think!


How to blend natural grey hair with brown hair

If you’ve got natural grey hair, one option is to dye your entire head of hair brown with a Garnier box dye – this will cover your grey hair completely. Take a look at our range, which spans from light to dark brown, to find the ideal shade for you. Plus, you can see what you’ll look like with the shade you go for with our Virtual Try-On service. If you want to know how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair at home, you don’t need to look past our box dyes – however, if you have long or thick hair, you might want to use two boxes! You’ll probably also need to touch up the dye after four to six weeks, if you’d like to continue with the same look going forward.

If you do decide to dye your hair a dark brown, it can be worth really saturating the roots and covering your grey hair, while it’s also a good idea to remember that grey hair can be a little drier than hair of a different natural colour. This can make hair look more dull, so you may want to consider a hair gloss, if you prefer.

If dyeing your hair dark brown in its entirety isn’t for you, you could simply add more grey highlights to your hair to create more of a natural blend with the brown hair instead – it’s totally your choice. This method is better for those who want to camouflage grey hair, rather than cover it completely, and you can add more shades that are similar to the dark brown colour you’re working with. Going down this route could mean that you need fewer touch ups on a regular basis, incorporating your grey hair rather than covering it for a more low-maintenance approach.


Blending dyed grey hair

What if you’ve got dyed grey hair and naturally brown roots? Why not simply bleach the roots first, before using a grey dye to cover the roots.For a silver blonde look, you could try our Olia Metallic Silver dye. The former is a long-lasting vivid dye with mirror shine, enriched with rose oil and mother of pearl, while the latter has a 60% oils colourant and ammonia-free formula with natural flower oils and gives your hair plenty of shine.

This might feel like more work, but if you want to keep the grey for longer, you may decide to use a purple shampoo to neutralise those yellow tones – just touch up the colour once every three weeks or so and you’re unlikely to go far wrong.


Again, if you’re not sure which dye to go for, you can check out our Virtual Try-On service to see what the different shades look like on you.

Still not sure which dyes to choose, or which option is best for you? You can take a further look at our brown shades and grey dyes to help you decide – you could find your dream dye today.

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