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How To Use Body Oil

You've found your perfect body oil but you're not sure how, when or how often to apply. Read Garnier's top tips on how to use body oil here.

Avoid body oil frustrations by getting the amount right the first time! 

You've done your research, you've found a body oil, and you're ready to start! But how often should you apply your product, and how do you know if you need to adjust your regimen? Here's our quick guide for how to use body oil.

Know your skincare product
Just like any other skin care product, you need to know how body oils interact with your skin. If you're more familiar with lotions, know that body oilsglide over your skin more easily, especially when it's warm and moist, making it easy to overdo. 

Daily body oil routine
When applied to clean, exfoliated skin, body oil can be applied daily to the whole body. Make sure to apply it before  other products. For extra dry areas, oil can be used on targeted areas multiples times per day,  start with less and slowly build up to find the perfect balance. If you're sold on a body care routine with oils but don't know where to start, Garnier body oils are perfect as these  are formulated for every skin type.