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Protect your hands in winter with Garnier Hand Superfood

During winter comes along the cold weather, and often large helpings of wind, rain, and snow.  And with cold weather, our hands can become dry and might even feel irritated. There’s nothing more frustrating than dry hands, but fortunately, you can help protect your hands over the winter months – and beyond – with  the new Garnier Hand Superfood.
To find out how it can protect your hands in the winter, and why you should use a moisturising hand cream throughout the year, just keep reading.

Why you should use a hand cream

Some parts of our body are more exposed to the environment and external factors, most notably our face and hands. Hence, they’re both at more risk of dryness. This might be due to the sun’s rays, pollution, or simply cold weather. And it’s because of the latter that our hands might get dry in the winter.

There are other potential causes of dry skin, too. Too many hot baths and showers can dry the skin on our hands stripping it of natural oils. Many harsh soaps, detergents and shampoos can also contribute to dry skin, as can central heating and fireplaces. We might be more likely to put the heating on when we’re indoors over the winter too – another reason as to why dry skin might be more common this time of the year.

In our day-to-day life, it can be difficult to avoid dry skin on our hands from time to time. This is particularly true for people who live in cold, windy, or low-humidity climates or often swim in chlorinated pools.

As dry skin is usually caused by environmental factors or exposure to chemicals, it can often be addressed with a dr y hand cream. So, why not use it?

Hand cream is not only useful for keeping your hands moisturised in the winter, but all year round. The skin on our hand is delicate and thin, and we often begin to show signs of aging on our hands before elsewhere, so there’s no time like the present to incorporate a hand moisturiser into your skincare routine. At the same time, consider keeping your hands covered – perhaps wear gloves if outside in cold weather – and limit exposure to water.

Using a hand moisturiser or cream  can keep your skin hydrated and elastic, and tackle wrinkles. Moisturising hand cream can repair damaged skin barrier and help improve dry, cracked hands . While taking a few moments out of a busy day, make sure to take care of your skin and apply a dry hand cream for extra hydration and glowing.

With a moisturising hand cream, your hands will look good and feel good too.

While taking a few moments out of your busy day, make sure to take care of your skin and apply a dry hand cream for extra hydration and glow-skin.

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Discover Garnier’s Superfood Hand Cream range

To help preventing dry skin on your hands, why not try Garnier’s  new Hand Superfood range? It comes in two variants: Avocado & Omega 6 and Cocoa & Ceramide.
Both hand creams contain 98% natural origin ingredients with vegan formulas *. The Avocado & Omega 6 hand cream is a powerful nourishing cream suited to dry, hands, and strengthens the skin barrier. Meanwhile, the Cocoa & Ceramide hand cream is a powerful repairing and nourishing cream that helps repair the skin barrier– both leave skin feeling hydrated for up to 48 hours **, with effects that remain after hand washing *** (approved by the CFI).

The hand cream is easy to use, too. Just squeeze a generous amount and apply as often as needed for instant nourishment, hydrating your skin up to 10 layers deep ****. You can do so on even the driest hands, so don’t forget to keep some with you when you’re out and about. Remember to use your hand cream before going to bed, too, so your skin can absorb it overnight.

*No animal derived ingredients or by-products
**Instrumental test, 24 volunteers.
***Consumer test, 50 subjects, on skin suppleness, softness after hand washing
**** Upper layers of the epidermis

Here, you can browse the Hand Superfood collection. Don’t miss out on Garnier’s Superfood range of body moisturisers, either.