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Top Ingredients To Look Out For In Your Hair Moisturiser

Few hair moisturisers actually work on your locks. Click here to read about what ingredients you should be looking for, like aloe vera and coconut milk.

Depending on whether your hair maintenance levels are amateur or pro, when it comes to moisturising you should make sure to do it well. Look out for these key ingredients in your products that are sure to provide long lasting effects for your hair. From the benefits of aloe vera to the moisture holding effects of shea butter, we’ll tell you what you should and shouldn’t use on your hair.

Natural oils
The general rule of thumb when it comes to looking for natural oils in your products is to go for those that you can easily pronounce. Examples include coconut oil (rich in fatty acids), almond oil (to repair and nourish) and jojoba.

All synthetic and mineral oils, these do nothing for your hair but block its natural moisture.

Our hair is already 91% protein, but this is damaged on a daily basis by outside effects, such as too much sun exposure. To keep your hair's protein topped up, find a product that contains ingredients such as keratin, wheat protein or panthenol. These help your hair's overall porosity. Remember, it's recommended that protein-packed conditioners are only used once per month.

Exposing your hair to chlorine without suitable protection.

Shea butter and mango butter help protect against moisture loss, keeping any dryness at bay. Even if you don't have hair that is prone to dry spells, a butter will still mix well with other hair products to help prevent hair damage.

Petroleum jelly. This clogs pores and leads to unwanted build-up such as dandruff.

Aloe Vera and Coconut Milk for hair care
Use Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera for dry, dehydrated hair in need of natural nourishment. Both are naturally moisturising and can be found in many hair products. Their natural fatty acids, vitamins and minerals make it an excellent product for detangling hair and combatting an itchy flaky scalp. Try our new Garnier Ultimate Blends range ‘The Quenching Hydrator’ for dry, dehydrated hair enriched with Coconut Water and Aloe Vera to hydrate hair without weighing it down.

Products that contain alcohol formulas that dry out hair.

Of course, water is one of the main things our hair needs to retain moisture and a product containing water is even better. When looking at the label on a product you may be considering, check to see if water is in the first four ingredients. If so, it should be a product that will help to condition properly.

Washing your hair in water that is too hot doesn't let the hair's cuticle reseal once it has taken in moisture. Once conditioned, rinse your hair in lukewarm water to help close the cuticle.