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Hair ideas for brunettes

Considering what the best hair dyes for dark hair are? You have more choice than you think. Click here to see Garnier’s hair ideas for brunettes.

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How to go about getting the best hair dye for dark hair?

How do you get gorgeous, richly toned brown hair like Davina? Well, some people are lucky enough to be born that way. Yes, it's annoying, isn't it? But leaving genetics aside, the brilliance of home colouring hair is that you achieve pretty much any shade of brown you want.

First, though, let's talk about that word, brown; it must be one of the most all-encompassing words in the colour dictionary. Take any two people with brown hair and you can guarantee they won't be the same shade. There are infinite shades and tones of brown. The answer to ‘what is the best hair dye for dark hair?’ is actually quite complex.

The warm shades of frosted chestnut brown hair colour, all with a hint of red, cover a range from light golden chestnut and sunny brown, to darker auburn and mahogany. Cool shades of brown, minus the red, are often described as cafe-au-lait, cappuccino, iced coffee, mocha and muted brown. With the Garnier Nutrisse range, you'll definitely find your perfect shade.

Davina, for the record, is a huge fan of Nutrisse 4.3; it's a lovely, deep chestnut brown with notes of caramel and reddish brown underlying the dark, so it suits most skin tones (see below). It also looks great mixed with reds or blondes in trendy dip dye styles.

Top Tips and Hair Ideas for Brunettes

Before you pick a brown, whether it's Davina’s brown or any other Nutrisse shade, here are some tips that Davina herself would heartily recommend:

  1. Don't fight your skin tone
  2. Really, don't; it's not worth it unless you're trying to make a rebellious statement. Are you 13? No, then be sensible and work with your skin. If you choose a colour that isn't sympathetic to your underlying skin tone, it could be a missed opportunity for a lovely combination.

    Then again, it's not quite as simple as deciding whether you have dark or light skin; it's about the underlying tones, the warmth of the canvas.

    What's your skin tone? Well, if you have a cool skin tone, then you will probably look better in silver jewellery, no matter what your skin colour; if on the other hand, your skin tone is warm, with undertones of yellow or gold, you will look good in gold jewellery. So, that's easy; what jewellery suits you best – silver or gold?

  3. The best hair dye for dark hair? Stay close to your original colour
  4. Again, it's all about working with what nature has given you. There's a reason you are colour-coordinated the way you are. Stray too far and it just won't look right; it won't be believable.

    If you have naturally brown hair and warm skin tones – remember, you look great in gold jewellery – you can't go wrong with chestnut brown. You will look great in any shade of deep rich chestnut, or with flame and auburn highlights.

    If your skin tone is cool – you look amazing in silver or platinum jewellery – and your hair is naturally black, mahogany highlights will light up your skin. If, on the other hand, you have cool skin and fair hair you should stick to ash, golden copper brown or pale chestnut.

    Got it? Good. So that's choosing your shade done, or at least made a whole lot easier. What else is important? Looking after your coloured hair is absolutely essential to maintain that beautiful, rich colouration and to keep your hair alive with that youthful Davina bounce.

  1. Be realistic about maintenance
  2. Be honest, are you prepared to put in the effort? Any change of hair colour requires a level of commitment, and the greater the change in hair colour, the more you need to invest. If your lifestyle means you really can't be bothered with regular touch-ups, play it safe and stay somewhere close to your original colour.

  3. Protect your hair every day
  4. UV protection is just as important for brown hair as it is for blondes; the sun's rays can dry out your hair quickly and produce a dull, gingery tinge, so daily protection is a must. We don't advise washing daily; instead, you can use a dry shampoo between washes. And lay off the styling tools if you can; too much heat will make your hair brittle.

  5. Serious conditioning every week
  6. Maintaining the shine in your brown hair is the key, and the enemy of shine is dehydration. All shades of brown hair will benefit from a weekly deep conditioning treatment. You could make your own with olive oil, argan oil or apricot kernels, which help to condition and strengthen the individual hair strands – these precious oils have been used by women in the Mediterranean and beyond as hair conditioners for thousands of years – or you can use specialist products designed by Garnier scientists specifically for coloured hair.

  7. Eat well
  8. If you've ever had a dog or a cat, you know that shiny hair is the surest sign of good health. It's the same for us; a healthy, balanced diet will help you to keep your locks luscious. So, if you're going to go Davina brown, it helps to eat as healthily as Davina. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, sardines, nuts, avocados and eggs will help provide the inner glow that you need for that eye-catching shimmering shine. It doesn't mean you can't have a few treats – check out Davina's amazing sugar-free brownies.

    Just remember that you don't look like Davina without working at it; beautiful brown hair might be easy to achieve at home, but it won't look after itself.

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