Discover Garnier’s best shampoos for damaged hair Discover Garnier’s best shampoos for damaged hair

Discover Garnier’s best shampoos for damaged hair



From split ends to brittle hair, a damaged ‘do can ruin your chances of a good hair day. No matter your hair type, damage takes away its natural shine and makes it look – and feel – dry, brittle, and rough. Damaged hair is fragile, making it more prone to breakage and cracks in the outside cuticle layer. As the cuticle splits, this leaves each strand open to further damage to its core. At this stage, you’ll find it a struggle to maintain. 


The good news? It’s never too late to restore your hair cuticles to their former healthy appearance. You just need a shampoo and dedicated haircare regime for hair breakage that blends nourishing ingredients with rich moisturising agents. These ingredients penetrate the hair cuticles and leave you with glossy, healthy-looking locks. Here’s what to look for in the best shampoo for damaged hair and other haircare products that can target all your damage-related concerns. 

Ingredients to look for in shampoos and haircare for damaged hair

What type of ingredients are we talking about? When you’re comparing some of the most famous products for dry damaged hair with split ends, you’ll see they’re usually packed with natural oils and proteins. Here are a few key ingredients to look for:


Argan oil

Rich in fatty acids, argan oil also contains Vitamin E. It can reduce the appearance of damaged hair by making the hair look and feel healthier by coating the hair strands and sealing the cuticles. Its conditioning properties can also help prevent breakage.

Avocado oil

They’re not just good for your body – packed with healthy fats, avocados are great for your hair, too. Look for shampoo and conditioner containing avocado oil to restore shine if you have dull or brittle locks.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a star ingredient in some of the most popular shampoos for fine damaged hair. This is because it’s naturally rich in proteins, helping each strand feel strengthened from within. Another benefit is that it can help hair feel moisturised and nourished.



Your hair (and nails!) already contain keratin, a protein considered the building block of each hair strand. Applying it externally helps repair the appearance of cuticle damage while banishing frizz for a glossy, swishy result. 



You probably use skincare treatments containing glycerine, but this ingredient is also useful for treating damaged hair. As a humectant, it draws moisture into each strand for intense conditioning and a serious smoothness boost. 


How to use Garnier’s best shampoo for damaged hair with the rest of the Hair Foods range

Damaged hair goes hand in hand with dryness, which is why the best shampoos, conditioners and masks for brittle damaged hair focus on nourishment. To help your hair feel hydrated and nourish your locks, try Hair Food Papaya Shampoo. It’s Garnier’s best shampoo for brittle and damaged hair, bar none.


Why is this shampoo so effective for repairing the appearance of hair? It contains glycerine and coconut oil, for a start. These active ingredients are teamed with vitamin-rich papaya extract to give your hair the nourishment it needs to help it grow longer and stronger.


The formula is rich yet lightweight for easy absorption. This makes it one of the best shampoos for fine damaged hair, as it won’t weigh down your mane. It’s silicone-free, too, for a natural touch and feel. 

Create a haircare routine with the best shampoo for damaged hair

Here’s how to keep your hair happy and healthy with a three-step routine. 

Discover Garnier’s best shampoos for damaged hair

When your hair’s damaged, there’s no need to wash it every day. Aim for twice a week to give it time to recover without manual handling. And when washing, use cool or lukewarm water and avoid heat styling. For more tips, check out Garnier’s Ultimate Guide to Damaged Hair.


Hair breakage and thinning can be distressing. But with the best shampoo, conditioner and mask for damaged hair, you’ll restore your locks to their usual bounce and shine. Show a little love to overworked, tired-out hair with Garnier’s Ultimate Blends range for damaged hair.

*Instrumental test after application of shampoo & mask.