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Five Best Hairstyles For Long Faces - Hair Care By Garnier

Finding the best hairstyles for long faces doesn’t have to be a drag. Take a look at our list of the top five hairdos. You are bound to see one you like.

1. Medium length hair with big bouncy waves

This style can work wonders for ladies with long faces. The texture and volume of the waves helps the face appear wider and breaks up the length of the face. Curls are very glamorous and can be achieved easily with the help of a curling iron and some hairspray.

2. Big, full fringe and shoulder length hair 

The combination of a big fringe and long sides is perfect for long faces. It breaks up the length of the face, adds depth and texture to the sides and flatters this face shape perfectly. Choose a fringe that falls just below the eyebrows for optimum impact.

3. Textured side braid

A beautiful side braid with centre parting is a great way to rock long hair if you have a long face. When hair is past the shoulders it can look awkward on a long face but by creating a tousled side-braid you can make the face look wider. This is a fantastic feminine hairstyle.

4. Layered bob with side parted fringe

A layered bob with a side parted fringe looks beautiful on a long face. The layers take the attention away from the length and help the face appear wider. It is a very flattering cut for women who want to retain the length of their hair. 

5. A curly bob

If you are blessed with curls, get your stylist to cut your hair into a textured bob. The layers will prevent it going puffy and give you depth where you need it. Curly bobs frame the face and make it look wider to balance out the length. 

The key to choosing a hairstyle for long faces is to pick one that doesn’t elongate your face. Very long hair is a no no but textured layers, full fringes and feathered sides will flatter your face and let your natural beauty shine through. You can have a lot of fun with tousled ‘dos and asymmetric styles. Which one tickles your fancy?