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Discover Garnier’s Range Sheet Masks

Saturated with skin-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, sheet masks are a must-have in any beauty cabinet. We have sheet masks for every skin type at Garnier, jam-packed with benefits to make your skin glow. So, what do sheet masks do? Find out in our simple guide.

What do sheet masks do for your skin?

The better question might be, what can’t a sheet mask do for your skin? A sheet mask can help reduce pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and brighten the complexion. Specific sheet mask benefits depend on its active ingredients. Most include hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant to lock in moisture and restore hydration. You can find out more in our guide to the benefits of sheets masks.

Face sheet masks

For a deeply hydrating, restorative and relaxing pick-me-up, our face masks have you covered. You’ll find formulas to target dull, dry and sensitive skin, enriched with natural ingredients like coconut milk, pomegranate and vitamin C.

Eye sheet masks

Perk up tired looking eyes with Garnier eye sheet masks. These nourishing treatments containing ingredients like green tea and brightening orange juice help reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Lips sheet masks

Pucker up with an intensely hydrating lip mask, designed to hydrate and intensely nourish in only 15 minutes. We have vegan formulas made with sweet cherry, along with Panthenol to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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Find the best sheet mask for your skin type

To make the most of sheet mask benefits, look for one that targets your skin type. At Garnier, we have options for most skincare concerns. Apply at least three times a week for softer, smoother, bouncier skin.

Sheet masks for mature skin

Over time, skin loses its natural elasticity and bounce. Mature skin not only needs the hydration that ingredients like hyaluronic acid provide, it also needs masks designed to make skin feel smoother and less dull. Discover Garnier Ultralift Anti-Ageing Face Sheet Mask, which includes grape seed extract for a dose of firming radiance.

Sheet masks for glowing skin

To illuminate your skin, try Garnier’s Vitamin C Sheet Mask. After 15 minutes, skin feels intensely rehydrated and smoother*. It’s the best sheet mask for glowing skin, saturated with the quantity of a full 28 ml bottle of vitamin C serum. *based on the amount of a 28ml serum This helps to balance your complexion to leave you looking – and feeling – brighter.


Sheet masks for dry skin

While all the best sheet masks are intensely hydrating, our Probiotic Derived Fractions Sheet Mask is a top choice for dull, dry, or tired skin. Enriched with a whopping two million probiotic fractions, the mask strengthens your skin’s barrier to leave it feeling recharged and healthy. One of our best hydrating sheet masks, it’s suitable for sensitive skin, too.

Sheet masks for dull skin

If your skin’s looking flat and dull, wake it up with a glow-enhancing treatment packed with plant extracts and hyaluronic acid. Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Tissue Mask includes a week’s worth of hydrating serum to restore moisture, revive radiance, and even reduce the appearance of fine lines with its re-energising qualities. Or try our Anti-Fatigue Cryo Jelly Sheet Mask which cools skin’s temperature by -7°C* *Based on instrumental test immediately after mask removal, 30 women and reduced the signs of tiredness, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

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Sheet masks for oily & blemished skin

There’s no need to avoid hydrating sheet masks when you have oily skin. In fact, delivering a moisturising boost can comfort oily and blemished skin, so that it doesn’t need to go into oil-producing overdrive. Try Garnier SkinActive Charcoal and Black Tea Hydrating and Purifying Tissue Mask. It includes purifying charcoal and energising black tea to achieve clearer looking skin with one mask, making pores less visible.

Do Garnier sheet masks expire?

Depending on the active ingredients used, Garnier sheet masks last for one to three years on average. Using sheet masks when they’re fresh ensures you’ll make the most of the product.

Discover our Skincare Ingredients

Our tissue masks are packed full of ingredients to leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and cared for. Click here to learn more about the natural skincare ingredients included in Garnier sheet masks, from nourishing oils to botanical extracts.

* Consumer test of 116 women and 33 men.

** Based on an instrumental test of 30 women, immediately after mask removal.