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An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Healthy Looking Hair This Summer

Summer can be tough on your hair. But don't worry, we have a host of haircare tips and tricks, from anti-frizz serums to coconut oil for your hair.

We all know how summer can be a burden on our hair's healthy appearance. Often, the sun can cause our hair’s colour to fade out, tips to dry or frizz, and roots to become greasy. Yet, getting and keeping healthy looking hair in the summer couldn't be easier, you just need to adapt your hair care regimen to suit the weather! We suggest caring for your hair using products inspired by nature, so it’s time to put on your hat and maybe try a batch of coconut hair oil.

1) Treat yourself to a trim
Before you head off into the sun, book yourself in for a simple trim. Your hair will be revived, knot up less, and generally cope better with dry conditions and chlorine or salt water – which contribute to damaged hair. Plus, this way you’ll use less conditioner or coconut hair oil.

2) Keep your colour for longer
Got a fabulous hair colour? Afraid it will fade and go all brassy? Treat your hair like you do your skin. If you are out in the sun, cover it up with a tightly-woven hat. Before you go swimming, coat your hair in a leave-in conditioner or spritz it with a UV hair protection spray. This layer of hair conditioner will not only block out damaging UV rays and salt or chlorine, but it will keep your hair nourished and sleek.

3) Smooth out that frizz
There's nothing worse than trying to tame frizzy hair in the summer. The key is keeping your hair well-conditioned all the time with a combination of conditioning shampoos and intensive hair treatments, just like the Garnier intensive hair treatment masks for deep conditioning, not to mention cutting back on blow drying and straightening. For a last-minute smoothing tip, try a hair serum: just a few drops worked into your hair will keep it sleek for your big night out.

4) Try oils and foods
More and more people are lauding the effects of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil for hair and skin. Try a leave-in coconut oil, a proven effective conditioner like the Garnier Coconut Hair Oil for Frizzy Hair. Remember, what you eat has an impact too, and high protein foods like fish, eggs, and nuts, along with high-oil delicacies like avocado, are great ways to get healthy looking hair!

5) Water, water everywhere!
Last but definitely not least, HYDRATE! There is no better way to ensure healthy looking hair, skin...everything!