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Dial Up Your Exfoliating Regime With AHA BHA Charcoal Serum

“Despite its black color, the product does not leave any marks on the face and cleanses it and prevents the appearance of imperfections. The skin is not dried, pores are narrowed, and freshness is visible. It is a very nice addition to daily care.” -Katie

Understanding BHA, AHA and Niacinamide

Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) are chemical exfoliants that encourage your skin to naturally shed its dead cells by breaking the bonds that hold them in place.

AHAs are (fruit acids) typically come from citrus fruits (citric acid) and sugar cane (glycolic acid). In addition to exfoliation, it helps to stimulate collagen production and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

BHAs are oil soluble and penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby making them a top choice for treating acne. Derived from natural sources such as salicylic acid. It dries out oily skin, clearing up clogged pores and leaving you with a smoother complexion.

Niacinamide commonly known as vitamin B3. This skin-soothing vitamin is also used as an acne treatment. It helps restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier; reduces water loss while calming dry, irritated skin.

Can you mix niacinamide with AHA and BHA?

BHA, AHA and niacinamide are three popular ingredients you’ll see in loads of today’s top science-driven products.

You can successfully mix niacinamide with AHAs and BHAs, but there are a few factors to keep in mind:

The first is that these various acids have different pH levels. When you use an AHA and niacinamide at the same time, the resulting combination is less acidic overall. You can make the most of these ingredients by either using them at different points of your skincare routine, or looking for a formula that comes pre-balanced with both acids and niacinamide.

Another potential issue is over-exfoliating. If you overdo it with the exfoliating acids, this can strip away natural oils. Your skin might overcompensate, producing even more oil and leading to a cycle of irritated skin and clogged pores. For optimal results, introduce new skincare ingredients slowly.

Can You Use Niacinamide With AHA?

Yes! In fact, niacinamide’s soothing, restorative properties naturally balance out the impact of AHA, which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Niacinamide’s humectant properties retain moisture, locking hydration into skin to keep it feeling soft and supple. It plays well with others and is gentle enough to combine with active exfoliators and other ingredients.

Can You Mix Niacinamide With AHA or BHA 1

Cleanse & Care Routine

● Start with a cleanser containing AHA like Garnier Micellar Gentle Peeling Water, to remove all traces of dirt, SPF and pollution, and gently exfoliate with AHA.

● At night, apply a skin-soothing niacinamide serum after cleansing to soothe and hydrate your complexion. Why not try Garnier AHA + BHA + Niacinamide Charcoal Serum, specifically formulated to clear up blemishes for visibly smoother, clearer skin. It contains 4% of an AHA, BHA, and niacinamide compound, which is strong enough to resurface skin and improve residual marks.

● For a targeted dose of this active ingredient, treat your face to a gentle sheet mask like the Garnier Niacinamide Ampoule Sheet Mask, enriched with 2% niacinamide and kale extract.

While SPF is always important, it’s especially recommended when wearing any products containing AHA and niacinamide. Try our Ambre Solaire Super UV range to protect against damage caused by UVB and UVA rays.

Can You Mix Niacinamide With AHA or BHA 2

We’re all unique, and many of us have more than one skin concern going on at the same time. If you’re looking for a way to tackle breakouts, dry skin and fine lines all at once, combining niacinamide and AHA could be worth a try.

“Skin becomes soft and hydrating after applying. I used it twice a day, morning and evening, with 4 to 5 drops that cover all my skin. After using this product, my skin looks clearer. It works!”


That way, you’ll enjoy the hydrating, restorative effects of niacinamide along with the exfoliating properties of AHA and BHA, all for a clearer complexion.