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Blonde hair dye ideas

Wondering what the right blonde hair colours for your skin tone are? Need some blonde hair ideas? Click here to find out which blonde is right for you.

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As home-dye experts, we like to think we understand the complexities of colouring hair better than most and our passion for blondes is reflected in our vast, combining different underlying base tones, depths and shades.

It can be a little bewildering for the uninitiated, so, not surprisingly, the question we get asked most is: Which blonde am I? It's a good question, but not that easy to answer.

Blonde Is A Statement

Going blonde is pretty major unless you're simply adding a few highlights to already naturally blonde hair. It's usually a big statement to make because you will get noticed and it will be seen as quite daring.

But that's great. Good for you. We love ‘home-dyers’ with a sense of adventure and a clear goal.

But, you're definitely right to ask for advice before plunging in. Choosing a shade is important. Vital even. There are so many types of blonde, after all. Blonde can be naturally bubbly, uber-glamorous, cool and detached or down and dirty. You can look like you've just stepped on the red carpet or just off a surfboard. One thing to know, blonde is not boring.

Seek Inspiration Online

A good place to start for blonde hair ideas is to google the great blondes of the past and present – the pure Hollywood platinum of Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe, kooky golden blondes like Goldie Hawn and Kaley Cuoco, sophisticated strawberry blondes like Adele and Nicole Kidman, dark caramel blondes like Giselle Bündchen and Angelina Jolie, or gob-smacking bleached bombshells like Debbie Harry and Lady Gaga.

A lot of blondes, like Madonna, run the whole gamut of tones over the years, whereas some women – Kylie Jenner, for example – seem to be able to carry off pretty much any hair colour they choose on any day of the week. However, most of us need to consider 'boring' factors such as our natural hair colour, the tone of our complexion and even the colour of our eyes. Ask yourself, which of those famous faces has a similar skin tone or eye colour to me?


The best blonde hair colours for your skin tone?

Skin tones usually come in pinky warm hues or cooler yellow colours. In other words: warm tones suit golden or amber hues, and cooler tones suit sharper blue-based blondes. If you're straying away from your natural dark colour, a great trick is to keep your roots darker to create a more natural progression between your complexion and hair. So, no matter what your mother says, dark roots are not always a sign of neglect.

What's on trend?

Whilst last year saw many blondes toning down their shade to a brown, or ‘bronde’, this year a lot of blondes are going lighter and more striking. Holly Willoughby, who always looks drop dead gorgeous, stepped out recently with some icy platinum locks. Traditional blonde hair ideas are great, but it’s best to be on trend.

The trend towards cool, icy, almost white blonde is particularly good news for those with pale complexions. With its underlying cool tones of blue, this look is especially effective on pale complexions, and looks fantastic with a few hints of gold or auburn tones or even a balayage effect. For a great icy blonde look, try.

Softer, richer caramel shades with warmer underlying tones, which suit warmer complexions, are also on trend. These shades in the Garnier Blonde hair colour range offer more reflected light than their cooler counterparts, and give you a rejuvenating glow. Fearne Cotton, the face of Garnier Olia, loves her hair colour.

Of course, blonde hair colour doesn't have to be a traditional natural look. If you really want to be on-trend this year, try one of the Superblondes bleach blonde shades, either. 

You can also go for highlights

One way to 'go blonde' is to blend blonde hair dye into your hair for a sun-kissed, holiday look. Highlights will never go out of fashion because they give wonderful nuanced texture and depth.

Finally, there's dip dyeing, perhaps the strongest trend in hair colouring over the last 18 months. It's a cunning method for achieving a dramatic look by applying colour to the tips of your hair for a striking colour gradation. It works brilliantly with all our.

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