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A Great Treatment For Dry Hair

Ever wondered what a great treatment for dry hair really is? From dry shampoo to argan oil for dry hair, let Garnier explain everything you need to know.

Are your locks dull, unruly and rough to the touch? There's no doubt about it...your hair is dry. And it's time to do something about it.

Our haircare tips for dry hair

Dry hair deserves its own haircare products:

To compensate for your dry locks, use a combination of shampoo and a hair mask after washing. The conditioning formulas will work to try and restore suppleness, silkiness and shine.

Use shampoos and masks designed for your hair type:

Banish dryness by opting for shampoos, masks, detanglers and specifically designed creams that are nourishing.

Our lifestyle tips for dry hair

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Don't scrimp on your daily intake of water and remain hydrated all day long. Your hair may feel dry, don't let yourself feel the same way!

Try out Hair Oils:

Castor oil, argan oil for dry hair, avocado oil or coconut oil can be applied once or twice a week as an essential hair mask and left on overnight. In the morning, wash with a gentle shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

The pros' top tip:

use argan oil for dry hair after your shower as a leave-in treatment before blow-drying, or use on dry locks to tame unwanted frizz.

Eat a balanced diet:

Some say there is a noticeable link between what's on your plate and the appearance of your locks. Try to keep in mind that a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, will make you feel great, whatever your hair! Some foods are renowned for helping prevent dryness. Which ones, we hear you ask? Opt for those rich in iron, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin B such as lentils, cereals, nuts and oily fish.

Our styling tips for dry hair

Take care when brushing:

Try detangling with a brush that is made up of 100% boar bristles. These softer, more natural bristles will keep your style feeling great!

Put an end to blow-drying:

The heat created by your hair dryer can be highly damaging. If you really can't live without using your hairdryer, lower the temperature and keep it on a medium heat level at all times. As for your post wash routine, start by towel drying (without rubbing too vigorously) to absorb most of the water, meaning you can use a lighter setting on your hairdryer afterwards. Don’t forget to ensure you apply heat-protective milk to your lengths beforehand.

Avoid frequent use of styling tools:

It's well known that the heat from styling tools can seriously damage your hair. The same applies to curling irons and straighteners. As much as possible, try to air-dry whenever you can.

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