Skin Care Routine To Get Rid Of Spots In One Day

Need to rid your oily or dehydrated skin of troublesome spots in just one day? Take a look at our skin care routine for getting rid of spots quickly.

No time for a long skincare routine?

Spots can be a real pain, whether you're a teen or an adult, it's easy to feel defeated. Often, we don't have time to indulge in a long skin care routine, and so we just accept our skin problems and use make-up to get through the week. But, what if there was a way to get rid of spots in a single day? Could it be possible? Well, give this a try and see...

The moment I wake up...

Skincare starts the minute you wake up, but it doesn't have to be an arduous marathon of creams and lotions. The trick is to use a small number of products that really work, and this may take some testing. Think about what your skin needs. Choose an acne-fighting product suited to your oily or dry, dehydrated skin. A 3-in-one face scrub is a great place to start, but don’t forget to look out for ones containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Adding these to your skincare routine will definitely help to get rid of those spots quickly!

Feed your dehydrated skin, not your bad habits!

No matter what any new-fangled pseudoscience may tell you, eating high-fat and high in sugar foods will exacerbate breakouts. So, keep them down to a minimum. Drink lots of water during the day to replenish your dehydrated skin, and try to stick to organic foods and whole grains in the morning. Not only will they go towards getting rid of your spots in a single day, but you will generally feel much better too!

Stay topical

Remember, you can keep topping up your anti-acne applications throughout the day, as long as you keep your hands clean and only use them topically. This means dabbing the product on the spot itself and avoiding any other clear skin. This will ensure you get rid of your spots pronto without damaging your otherwise problem-free facial areas! Most anti-blemish moisturisers will do the job, but make sure you try a few to find the right one for you.

Finally, do something relaxing in the evening and get a good night's sleep. If your spots aren't gone after all that, they soon will be!