Summer Hairstyles

As summer approaches, so do the inevitable days spent relaxing by the seaside and lounging by the pool. These 5 little tricks will keep your hair happy and healthy as you celebrate hot summer days.

1. Braids

Braid your hair when you’re going to be hanging around the beach so that it stays perfect throughout the day. You can swim and bathe without your hair being affected, and when you loosen your braids you’ll have flowing, gorgeous waves! 

2. Ballerina bun 

Tie your hair up into a ballerina bun on top of your head to maintain an exquisite, clean look all day long. This look is particularly resistant to swimming, as well as the sea breeze and windy weather! 

3. Ponytail

Wearing a ponytail in the summer is effortless and classic, a great way to show off your bronzed face and shoulders. It’ll keep the hair out of your face (particularly important when you’ve got sun cream on), and it is easy to style. 

4. Use a bandana

Protecting your hair with a bandana, diadem, scarf, or turban will not only protect your hair from UV rays but also keep it out of your face and from coming into contact with sun cream. 

5. Straw hat

This summer classic will undoubtedly work like a charm with your holiday look. The more elaborate and quirky your straw hat the better! A hat will not only protect your hair from UV rays and wind, but will also protect you from sunstroke and keep your face in the shade. 

Keeping your hair perfect in the summer is a relatively easy feat using these little tricks, but also make sure you’re using an effective hydrating conditioner to keep your hair nourished. Avoid overusing the hairdryer in summer (what’s the need, really?), and make sure you stay well hydrated yourself to keep your hair happy and healthy.