Aloe vera is regularly praised as a saviour of the fauna world. Often known as the “plant of immortality”, aloe vera has a long track record of delivering wellness and beauty benefits aplenty.

The more we learn about this blend, the better we are at making the most of its benefits – particularly when it comes to hair conditioning. From improving shine to softening, here’s the low-down on what Aloe Vera & Coconut Hair Food can do for your hair.

What is aloe vera and where does it come from?

Aloe vera is an evergreen perennial that originates from the Arabian Peninsula. Today, it grows in many tropical climates around the world. Aloe vera is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal use in large quantities and is also sold as a decorative indoor house plant (like many succulents are).

Each leaf of an aloe vera plant contains a gooey, translucent gel-like substance. This gel consists of about 96% water and contains many of the amino acids found in the human body, as well as Vitamins A, B, C, and E. A yellow sap also lines the inside of aloe vera plant leaves which, when dried and purified, eating it is said to aid better digestion.

Due to its properties, aloe vera can be found in a range of products, including lotions, balms, cosmetics and burn ointments. It’s not only a traditional plant-based treatment within Ayurveda, Chinese (and British) herbal medicine practices, but it’s a modern-day powerhouse used in beauty products around the world.

Garnier products with aloe vera

In hair care, the newest addition to the Garnier range is Ultimate Blends Aloe vera Hair Food, which blends aloe vera with coconut for normal hair in a weightless formula.

When it comes to skin care, the Garnier SkinActive Aloe Vera range offers a full spectrum of cleansing products to wash and prep skin.

There are 3 different ways to enjoy our new Ultimate Blends Hair Food range - as a conditioner, a rinse-out mask and a leave-in conditioner. Our new moisturising Hair Food Aloe Vera and Coconut is also made of 98% natural origin ingredients and 100% Vegan**. It is so successful, in fact, that it leaves hair up to 4 times shinier after one use*. What’s not to love?

*When used as a rinse off mask vs. unwashed hair **Vegan formula: no animal derived ingredients of by-products