Never satisfied with your hairstyle? Resigned to either scrunching it up into a frizzy poof or letting it wave out wild and messy? Here are some great ideas for hairstyles for curly hair, and we’re not talking about those so-called “curly hairstyles” from magazines that barely count as wavy!

Choose your cut carefully

The first step is all about how you have it cut. Remember that a fringe is nigh-on impossible to carry off with very thick curls, and if you do want to frame your face, your best option is a very long side fringe. This works great for versatile hair styling where you can smooth down the top and choose how soft or tight you want your lower curls to be.

Like it long?

For long, thick hair, you want to feather out the cut, limiting the volume. For thin hair, layers are a great idea, limiting the possibility of the ever-feared “triangle-head” look. If you need extra volume, try a volumising conditioner or hair spray, applying to still-wet hair, before using your hair dryer diffuser to really pump up those curls.

Unless you can pull off an afro look, long curly hair looks best with tamed, wide curls that start mid-way down. These are easy to create by using just a hair dryer and thick conical brush, ensuring your hair isn’t too damaged by hot straighteners, and creating a more natural look.

A side-parting hairstyle is a great long hair option, allowing you to balance-out the thick lower curls with a swathe of smooth side sweep. Remember your best buddy is hair oil or serum, great for eradicating frizz and creating that sleek, smooth look that just screams healthy hair.

Stun with it short

Short hairstyles for curly hair can be just as fabulous, just make sure you keep it to a mid-bob length and layer it out to avoid too much mass. With this style, all you need is your diffuser and a small amount of mousse. Scrunch it in and diffuse the bottom and mid length, not the top, to create a fabulous bob of glossy, bouncy curls.