Got a mass of long hair and not sure what to do with it? Gotten into bad straightening habits and unsure how to rock a curly natural hair look? Here are some fabulous hairstyle ideas for long hair that you can chew on!

1) Twist up

One of the most protective and easy hairstyles for those with long hair, the twist up ‘do keeps your long hair out of the way while keeping conditioning goodness in and dirt and sun damage out. There are dozens of different styles, too, from poofed-up regal looks to sassy ‘50s styles, so get creative!

2) Twist down

The two-strand twist is another protective option for long hair, while also keeping a long-haired feminine look. Try sweeping your twists into a sultry side pony!

3) Glam rollers

By using large rollers, you can create soft, glamorous curls in a low-heat, low-damage way, perfect for dry, fragile long hair.

4) All fun in the back…

Why not combine tucking and free-flowing natural curls? By tucking and pinning the front section and smoothing the rest down to a low pony, you can have a chic ‘50s front quiff with an explosion of curls behind for a gorgeous long hair style!