Thank you for taking part in the Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Programme, in partnership with Garnier and L'Oréal Paris.

The aim of the programme is to provide students with personal care items to sample, such as shampoos, conditioners, and moisturisers, whist facilitating the recycling of the packaging in addition to some exciting benefits such as donating to a charity partner whenever you recycle. The programme isn’t limited to Garnier and L'Oréal Paris either – all brands are accepted.

The programme is all thanks to our partnership with TerraCycle, which aims to support over 500 university locations across the UK with the personal care recycling facilities. With this, over 35,000 people will have access to recycle packaging that is not yet accepted by mainstream local council methods.

Each location has an ambassador of the programme, who is responsible for the distribution of sachets, maintenance of the recycling collection boxes and return of these boxes to TerraCycle for the items to be recycled, so please reach out to your ambassador if you have any questions.

Read on to find out more.


You can drop off your used personal care and beauty product packaging at the Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Programme Collection Point. To locate your Collection Point, please speak to your Programme Ambassador.


Click on each tile to find out more.

sheet mask mosaic tile

Flexible Single Use Mask Packaging

Flexible single use mask packaging and the blue plastic film put on top of the tissue mask (used for personal care and beauty products).


Flexible Plastic Wipes Packaging

Flexible plastic wipes packaging (used for personal care and beauty products)

face wash hand hair mask mosaic tile

Product Packaging Caps

Personal care and beauty product packaging caps, pumps and trigger sprays (rigid plastic bottles are not accepted).

face wash hand hair mask mosaic tile

Plastic Pots and Flexible Plastic Tubes

Plastic pots and flexible plastic tubes (used for personal care and beauty products).

colourants box mosaic tile

Hair Colourant Kits

Hair colourant kits (except for rigid plastic bottles and cardboard packaging)

garnier deodorant mosaic tile

Plastic Roll-On Deodorants

Plastic roll-on deodorants (aerosols are not accepted).

All brands are accepted!

Good news, plastic bottles are recyclable in almost all UK council recycling systems and because of this, our programme does accept plastic bottles as they can be collected in your general recycling bin with the rest of your household recycling waste.

We ask that you only send us bottles if it is not possible to recycle them via your local council system. Always remember to remove the labels on the bottles and recycle them with TerraCycle.

Click here for a complete overview of the beauty products packaging you can recycle through TerraCycle and what you can recycle locally.

(A note on aerosol containers)

At this time aerosols are not accepted as part of the recycling programme. We are exploring with TerraCycle the potential for their inclusion in the future, however the good news is that in most parts of the UK, aerosol recycling is possible. More than 96% of local authorities recycle aerosols through kerbside collections. Please visit your local council website to find out how you can recycle aerosols locally. Always make sure your aerosols are empty and recycle the aerosol lids separately.


In order to recycle the waste properly, please make sure all excess product has been removed (i.e. leftover product) and place all the accepted packaging in a box.  If you choose to rinse your product, please note that it must be completely dry prior to shipping.



Once collected, the personal care and beauty packaging is separated by polymer (plastic) type, cleaned, and extruded into plastic pellets. These pellets can then be made into new recycled products such as playground equipment or furniture. 

Click here to learn more about the recycling process.

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Garnier is a global beauty brand, accessible to all, with the ambition to become the first truly sustainable, natural brand in the mass market. Since 1904, Garnier has been offering effective, innovative beauty products, inspired and enriched by nature. Natural, accessible and sustainable, the Garnier brand is animated by its daughter brands: Ultimate Blends, Garnier Organic, SkinActive, PureActive, Ambre Solaire, Olia and Nutrisse. For more information, visit the Garnier site below.

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L’Oréal Paris is the world’s leading cosmetics brand, making the best of luxury beauty available and accessible to everyone. From makeup and skincare to haircare and hair colour, our pioneering spirit leads our scientific excellence and restless innovation. We have been committed to safety, efficacy, and quality for more than 110 years. As a brand which has always championed and celebrated women’s empowerment, L’Oréal Paris challenges stereotypes with a modern vision of femininity. Indeed, we support all women on their journey to fulfil themselves according to their own rules and desires. For more information, visit the L’Oréal Paris site below.

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