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Ultimate Blends Argan Oil And Almond Cream For Dry Hair Argan Oil & Almond Cream Shampoo Argan Oil & Almond Cream Shampoo

Keep those wild locks clean, rich and beautifully scented all year round with Garnier's Argan Oil and Almond Cream Shampoo for unruly hair. Browse now.

Product information

Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Richness, dry haircare range: Discover Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Argan Richness Almond Shampoo, with soothing Moroccan argan oil and luxurious almond cream, for very dry, unruly hair. Get that soft, shiny, fairy-tale feel for up to 72HRS with our NEW VEGAN haircare range.

Product Benefits:

  • Intensely nourishes, softens and restores manageability of very dry, unruly hair.
  • Feel up to 72h hours of softer, shinier, fairytale hair.
  • Vegan formula: No animal derived ingredients or by products.
  • Enriched with natural ingredients extracts: Moroccan Argan Oil & Almond Cream.
  • 100% recyclable bottles.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Richness Shampoo:
Our Argan Oil Shampoo leaves hair feeling deeply nourished, enriched, incredibly shiny and supple for up to 72hrs. Unruly dry hair is tamed, easier to manage and feels beautifully soft and smooth from root to tip. When hair has a mind of its own, take control with nature's help and discover Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Richness Shampool. The ideal dry hair treatment. Argan Oil, an elixir prized by Moroccan women since the dawn of time, and Almond Cream are blended with love in a creamy, silicone-free for a natural feel, formula to leave hair soft to the tips, easier to manage and shining like the Moroccan sun.

Discover the naturally derived ingredients of Argan Richness:
The creamy lightweight formula envelops the hair without weighing it down and surrounds you in a delicious fragrance for a genuine moment of indulgence. Argan Oil is a precious elixir grown and harvested in Morocco, treasured throughout time for its nourishing properties. The almond nut, which grows protected in a velvety-soft green shell, is found in formulas renowned for their smoothing qualities. This precious nut is the source of our rich and deliciously smooth Almond Cream.

Ethically Sourced Argan Oil from Morocco:
Renowned for its highly nourishing qualities, our Argan Oil is sourced from a cooperative of several hundred Berber women in South-West Morocco, contributing to the economic and social development of the region. They harvest and crush the nuts by hand before gently extracting the precious oil.

Garnier Ultimate Blends hair care products have been sourced from nature and blended with love since 1982. Good to your hair and the world we live in, discover our wholesome blends for naturally beautiful hair, every day.
Just as we promise to be good to your hair, we also promise to be good to the world we live in:

  • Renewable: We try, where possible, to source our ingredients from renewable sources.
  • Recyclable: Our bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • Sustainable: Our products are produced in factories committed to sustainable production.
  • Terracycle®: Partnered with Terracycle® to keep beauty products out of landfills.