Extra Dry Skin Restoring Body Lotion Garnier Oil Beauty

Help restore skin's moisture with Garnier's Body Restoring Moisturiser Lotion for extra dry sensitive skin. Find out more here.


How to use

Do not apply on face.

Product information

When your skin is extra-dry, it feels rough, uncomfortable and it usually looks dull.

Discover the beautifying power of restoring lotion enriched with 4 luxurious oils - Babassu, Shea, Avocado and Almond.

what's inside

Enriched with 4 luxurious oils.Restores skin's hydration The lotion, infused with luxurious oils, helps lock in moisture to restore hydration and protect your skin. Your skin feels softer, smoother and more comfortable. Skin is visibly radiant The lotion leaves a satin-like glow on skin. Visibly radiant and gently fragranced, your skin is intensely beautified and pampered.