Famed for its extraordinary hydrating and medicinal properties, the history of Aloe Vera and Aloe skin care is far-reaching; it has been used by a variety of different cultures and civilisations for thousands of years. Depicted by Sumerian clay tablets dating back as far as 2100 BC, this curious-looking green plant was once considered a staple of ancient medicine, said to protect against parasites, cure skin diseases and help heal infections. Treasured by kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs alike, it was said that Cleopatra herself attributed its gel to the maintenance of her legendary beauty. Needless to say, Aloe skin care has long been regarded as one of the most important parts of the history of Aloe Vera.

How else was Aloe vera used?

While it was the Egyptians who first discovered the amazing properties of this thorny, succulent plant, news of its powers spread quickly. The Greeks used it to try to prevent baldness and it was used in India, China and throughout the Roman Empire to heal injuries, swelling, burns, bites, infections and inflammation. Some say that Alexander the Great even conquered Socotra to gain access to its abundant supply of Aloe Vera; legend claims that his army would drink its juice before long journeys to protect against disease and gain strength.

How is Aloe Vera used today?

Nowadays, you don't need to be Egyptian royalty or a famed ruler to get your hands on this wonderful plant (you don't even need to harvest its gel yourself). Thankfully, it is included in a wealth of different beauty and Aloe skin care products, so all you need to do is find the one to suit your skin type. And because of its natural hydrating properties, Aloe Vera is especially good for sensitive or sun-damaged skin; it rehydrates as it nourishes and soothes. Many high-quality after sun products contain Aloe Vera. It’s also great if you are simply in need of a pampering fit for royalty!

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