There are many causes of hair loss, but making some easy changes and incorporating some very simple actions into your everyday routine can delay its onset and keep your hair in an overall healthier condition.

Long-term hair care

Aside from general lifestyle decisions, when it comes to everyday hair care be sure to limit the use of dyes to keep your hair healthy and abundant. Don’t wash your hair excessively or over use curling irons or hair dryers on high heat settings. By following these guidelines, you’ll be taking good care of your scalp, helping to prevent hair loss.

General lifestyle choices

Stress has a damaging effect on your whole body, and your hair is no exception. By maintaining a balanced lifestyle, eating well and exercising, you’ll significantly reduce your stress levels and delay hair loss. Combine this with a regular dose of relaxation and it won’t just be your hair that thanks you.

Keeping your hair hydrated is fundamental to delaying hair loss, and can be easily achieved by drinking two litres of water per day and avoiding too much caffeine. Consuming foods like carrots, eggs and cheese (with plenty of vitamin A) will keep your hair strong and stop it from breaking easily. Foods that are high in iron (red meat, spinach) help get plenty of oxygen to your hair, and they also help it to keep its natural colours!

Exercise is the perfect complement to these dietary guidelines. Working out allows your nervous system to relax and sends plenty of oxygen to your head! You’ll find that this is also very effective in helping you to reduce your stress levels. You don’t have to go to the gym if it’s not your thing, why not try a simple yoga routine?

Finally, a good night’s sleep is paramount to controlling hair loss. If you get eight hours of sleep per day, you’ll find that along with decreased stress levels your scalp gets the oxygen and blood flow it needs to give you luscious locks!