Whether you recently went in for a drastic chop to transition from relaxed to natural hair, or are growing out a shorter style, there are some ways you can stimulate growth, and we’re not talking salon-expert stuff that will break the bank!

Why might it not be growing?

First of all, your hair grows regardless of its condition, but if it is too dry or damaged it can break just as fast as it grows, so you don’t see any difference. Natural hair, like any curly hair, is typically dry and fragile.

This means that you need to increase your moisturising hair care. Cut down on shampooing if you are doing it more than once a week, and condition every time you wash your hair. You should also use a leave-in conditioner to keep that moisture nourishing your hair.

Another reason it could be breaking is that you are using too many heat hair styling techniques, or have your tools’ heat up too high. When blow-drying, keep it on a low setting, or alternatively go for a hooded dryer, and stay away from straighteners.

Ok, done all that, what now?

Some extra little things you can do to care for your natural hair include applying hair oils, which really penetrate each hair and can help repair your ends. Also, try more protective, hands-off hairstyles like twists, which will keep your hair from losing its moisture, and also keep you from fiddling too much, encouraging growth.

Finally, as you probably already know, a lot of factors affecting healthy hair come from what you eat and drink, and these can also stimulate hair growth. Eating foods rich in protein can stimulate keratin production, thus leading to more hair growth. In general, though, a safe bet is the old classics: a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg, and lots of water!