With natural-looking, curly hair now at the height of fashion, here are some top hair styling tips for everything from tight, glossy curls to glamorous soft waves.

1) Curling iron for tight to loose ringlet curls

When used on completely dry, cool hair, a mid-to-small curling iron can create a variety of ringlet curls. Try large curls under a smooth side-parted style for a glamorous look.

2) Straighteners for silky waves

Keep these on a low heat and use a heat protecting hair spray before you start, gently curling each strand in different directions for a natural look.

3) Large curling brush for healthier hair

Better for your hair than irons or straighteners, use a wide, conical curling brush with a low-heat hair dryer to create thick, glossy curly hair.

4) Mousse up

Mousse doesn’t have to mean crunchy. Apply to still-wet hair evenly, scrunching as you go, then gently blow dry or, better yet, air dry wrapped up or in rollers.

5) Diffuse

Use your diffuser to limit heat damage to your hair, gathering up your curls in sections and working from the bottom up.

Remember, the less you touch your hair with your fingers, the less it will frizz up. Use hair serum for extra gloss and once it’s done, leave it alone!