A splash of retro glamour can give an everyday look some sparkle. Vintage hairstyles are everywhere at the moment so if you want to create an on trend look, your barnet is a great place to start. Here’s a few of our favourites:

1. The beehive

The beehive, A.K.A the bouffant, took the sixties by storm and has never really lost its buzz. It is big, it’s bold and it’s sassy. If you want to radiate confidence and make an entrance you should definitely give this ‘do a go. Don’t forget your hairspray.

2. A retro up do complete with headscarf

Wrap a vibrant headscarf around a messy bun to give a modern twist to this iconic look. An up do is a great way to accentuate the face but a retro up do will give your ensemble a touch of old school glamour and feminine flair.

3. The blunt bob

1920s flappers made the blunt bob famous during the roaring twenties. It made a comeback in the 80s and was recently given a new lease of life. It exudes sophistication and is the perfect way to give your everyday look a touch of class. The bob is a statement hairstyle.

4. The Quiff

The retro quiff has definitely caught our attention. The volume heavy ‘do was dazzling, fun and pretty easy to recreate. Back comb the top to create height and pin to secure.

5. Retro curls

They are big, they are sleek and they can transform a girl next door into a femme fatale. Very few stars haven’t tried them out and many built their look around them. Retro curls are a lot of fun and whether your hair is long or short you can still get them. Create a Hollywood inspired look with a curling iron or hot rollers and turn heads like a movie star.