: Our 1st high protection you don’t feel on your skin*.

  • The Dry Mist Innovation

  • Ultra light: our protection is no longer a heavy issue!

    Pleasant-to-use products encourage everyone to protect themselves from the sun.

    Today, Ambre Solaire is extending its expertise by taking on a new technological challenge to offer our 1st mist sunscreen with a bare-skin feel.

    The incredible DRY MIST technology successfully combines efficiency, protection and a comfortable feel.

    Different SPFs for different skin types.

    When it comes to the sun, no two individuals have the same skin.

    Whatever your skin type or the intensity of sun exposure, DRY MIST offers an adapted solution. Ranging from SPF20 protection to the highest SPF50, DRYMIST provides protection for fair skin and those first days of sun exposure.

  • Advanced Photostable UVA/UVB protection

  • Differentiating between UVA and UVB rays is quite simple!

    The intensity of UVB rays changes with the seasons and weather, whereas long UVA rays are always present!

    Actually, long UVA rays represent over 75% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth! They are numerous and can contribute to long-term skin effects.

    They are the deepest penetrating of the UV rays.

    The MEXORYL TM XL filter system ensures photostable protection against immediate and long-term skin effects caused by UVA and UVB rays.

    Its protective formula is also water resistant.

  • Enjoy a "Weightless" effect»

  • The mist absorbs onto skin quickly, and thanks to its dry, velvety finish with no greasy or sticky feel, it feels as if your skin is bare.

    How does it work?

    Used for the 1st time in a Garnier dry mist, the shaka-shaka technology enables the creation of DRY MIST’s dry, powdered effect.

    DRY MIST is a sun protection formula with no alcohol*. Enriched with powders, the formula leaves skin feeling matte.

    How-to use?

    Used for the 1st time in a dry mist, the shaka-shaka technology enables the creation of DRY MIST’s dry, powdered effect.

    An alcohol-free sunblock formula with mattifying powders.


    Shake well: this mixes the formula together! If you can hear the mixing ball at work, the formula is sufficiently blended.

    Pshhhh! Spray the mist, which absorbs onto skin for a dry, powdered feel.

Dry Mist Dry Mist SPF30


Dry Mist Dry Mist SPF30

Protects your skin against premature signs of skin ageing wherever you are.

When choosing sun protection for your face, it is essential to choose a high SPF factor to protect your skin against the harmful and premature ageing effects of the sun.- Advanced UVA & UVB Photostable filters - Moisturising complex - Immediately absorbed by the skin - Non-greasy, non-sticky

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Dry Mist Dry Mist

Dry Mist Dry Mist

Garnier reinvents its sun protection and creates its first bare skin feel protection mist:

The patented filtration system includes Mexoryl® XL and helps protect skin against sun-induced damage and the premature skin ageing effects of the sun's harmful rays. Formula 100% conforms to European recommendations* *Formula conforms 100% to European recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays

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