Miracle Skin Cream


Miracle Skin Cream

Garnier creates Miracle Skin Cream, the anti-ageing care with instant and everyday results.
An innovative self-adjusting formula protected by 9 patents combines the power of advanced optical correction with excellent skincare performance.

- At first contact its unique formula with encapsulated micro-pigments transforms on contact with skin to self-adjust to your skin tone. Instantly, your skin looks awakened, more luminous and even, as if corrected.

- Everyday, its anti-ageing formula with SPF20 acts to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Skin looks younger and feels firmer.

Result - flawless looking skin: your complexion looks more even, your skin texture appears improved. Your skin looks more beautiful as if transformed.

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Miracle Skin Cream What's inside?

Miracle Skin Cream What's inside?

Enriched with:
 - LHA
 - Proretinol
 - Vitamin C
 - Vitamins B3 and B5
 - Peptides
 - Ginger extract

Invisible Micro-Capsules:
Micro-pigments are concealed within white micro-capsules which are invisible to the naked eye. When in contact with the skin, they transform releasing the micro-pigments which act as a radiance concentrate, reducing the appearance of signs of tiredness: dullness and dark circles.

Universal self-adjusting formula:

The formula has been developed to be universal, in other words to match different skin tones. Therefore in contact with the skin, the micro-capsules contained in this fresh and creamy white formula, transform and allow the cream to blend seamlessly with different skin tones. Miracle Skin cream had been tried and tested by over 1,400 women worldwide.

Miracle Skin Cream How to use

Miracle Skin Cream How to use

How to take good care of your skin - 3 steps for great results :

1/ Clean your skin

A good skin routine starts with gentle cleansing to remove traces of dirt or dead cells and prep your skin to receive the goodness of moisturisers.

2/ Everyday apply your Miracle Skin Cream day cream

To renew itself properly, your skin needs the correct environment which includes proper levels of hydration. Good SPF helps protect against  premature UV induced signs of ageing. Apply Miracle Skin cream all over your face and see the transformation effect. Make-up can be applied straight after and you can move into your daily make-up routine.

3/ At night invest in a good night cream: 

While we sleep our body and skin are resting. Applying a good night cream on cleansed skin can help create the optimal conditions for skin's natural renewal processes.

To learn how to apply Miracle Skin Cream, to achieve the best results. Please click play below and choose your skin tone

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