Sensitive Scalp

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  • Delicate-Conditioner-Medium

    ​Delicate Oat For Sensitive Scalp


    Our Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother Oat Conditioner is designed for sensitive scalps and fragile hair, built to nourish and care for your entire head.
  • Delicate-Shampoo-Medium

    ​Delicate Oat For Sensitive Scalp


    Our ultimate blend for sensitive scalps and fragile hair with rice cream and oat milk. Scalp feels soothed, whilst hair is nourished and feels beautifully silky soft.
  • Delicate-Spray-Medium

    ​Delicate Oat For Sensitive Scalp

    Heat Protection Milk

    Our ultra-light Delicate Soother Oat Heat Protection Hair Milk is perfectly blended to protect your hair from heat styling.
  • Delicate-Mask-Medium

    ​Delicate Oat For Sensitive Scalp

    Hair Mask

    Our ultimate blend for fragile hair with Rice Cream & Oat Milk.